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Van L Aldridge

Van L Aldridge is just an everyday, blue collar guy who would fit right in at your next backyard cookout. However, he has a degree in English Literature, studied at Oxford, is a certified coach/trainer, did time in Afghanistan and even was once the lead singer in a rock band. He also was just a few hours away from a planned suicide. From that close call and a few other life altering losses, Van and his dog Max hit the road becoming nomads on a journey of enlightenment. Now he writes, speaks, and works with his production partner Jesse Watson on inspirational videos. If that wasn’t enough, he has started a retreat business with his business partner Holly Mathis. Their goal is to bring epic “balanced/wellness” experiences to people who are seeking positive life changing knowledge, practices and habits, that can be implemented into their daily lives.

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Meet Jonny

Jonny Awesum (Jonathan Lee Porter) | Host

Jonny started performing at the age of 16. Coming up in the world of Hip Hop, he was no stranger to the mic and bright lights – putting out albums, starting a record label (Humble Beast), opening a non-profit performance venue (Open Aired) & performing around the southwest. After a good run in Hip Hop, he made a successful transition into event hosting & public speaking. Jonny became a regular on KBLU’s radio show “Live & Local” and KYMA’s opinion TV segment “What’s Trending?”. Now, fueled by his inquisitive mind, Jonny has moved into the podcast space where no one holds him back from asking the questions he wants to ask.

Meet The Crew

Meet the dedicated crew involved in making our podcast possible.

Meet The Crew

Meet the dedicated crew involved in making our podcast possible.

Rigo Mendoza

Podcast Audio, Video & Photography

Victoria Islas

Website Design & Maintenance

Jonathan Lee Porter

Host, Podcast Promotion & Social Media

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